Thursday, September 3, 2009

Starter Blog!♥☻ very complicated...^^ i dont know what to post ^^


{first time-to make a blog!♥}

Hi!♥ Everyone! My Name is Sun Mae Jin park, and this is my new and first BLOG!!!!!!♥♥♥
I just want to tell all of you that is reading this a happy day/time...^^♥
there's really nothing here to see or to read much its just my new and trip bloggy, {erm}{um}, thing...☻
I'm really happy today because first of all, me and my movie crew just finished our movie! and its a BIG HIT!!!!♥ IN KOREA!!!!{South Korea}
Very sorry the Title is very complicated even "I" don't remember whats the spelling, (☻_☻")..☺
Also, I'm not in Korea today, I'm in the Philippines because I'm taking a vacation...♥♥
I don't really like taking much photos and letting anyone take photos of me, that's why i only have few photos with me...(^^')
soon ill post new pictures if i get the chance...^^♥
Oh! and this is the only picture I have that is, um...more likely I look good on..(^-^')
thats all for now i guess (-'u'-)♥♥♥♥
See you next Week!!!!♥♥☻

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