Friday, January 29, 2010

hey guys! i put my in so many would follow...hehe...look this is my dad and moms bedroom...they told me not to go in without permission but they still dont punish me for going in...hehe...dont know why..☺
also why do people want to meet me for real? im not that pretty or worthy to meet friends call me know that?
also why and how did i got to be stuck with 2 boys, that i met in tinierme?
my oopa- smart,charming, good grammar,sometimes annoying and i cant understand but his understanding in my situation and always say if only he would be in california he would protect me from my father...but its ok oopa...i dont regret my dad i still love him even though he sometimes gets angry with me...(i think my oopa is trying to ignore me..)

my Bbro- cool, great to talk with, always ask questions about me...he can stop asking questions and calls me lilsis...he always think in positive manner...he doesnt want to protect me from my dad but he want to make me happy...i dont really much know that well my Bbro, but i know i can trust him...

i hope many more people would follow my blog because its boring to post something that only 1 person would read it...thanks again for my 1 follower! ^^
its really good to show up my feelings in this site because it makes me feel good and i dont have to keep everything inside me, even if its hatred or happy events...^^
ill be posting alot of pictures though...i dont just have the time to post them all in one post...hehe...bye guysz!○○○

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


oh no! i almost forgot my password here! im very sorry everyone! because my dad was making busy...^^ ehehehehe...well hello! i have alot of pics now! and guess what? my friends say im good at drawing! but i haven't scanned it so sorry but ill publish it right away after i scan ^^ haha! its very cool! but its not to be shocked about because my dad is a great drawer he draws anime series so maybe i got the talent...^^ i hope some people would follow this blog of i can see more comments...but its because i dont go internet daily...^^ but i put it on...well PROMISE! ILL POST NEXT WEEK OR MAYBE TOMORROW! if my dad wont catch me haha...

oh my gosh!!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! SHINee!!!!!  i love SHINee!!!!!!!!!! TAEMIN!!!!!!!

i have a crush on taemin haha ^^ secretly...^^ his a popstar and im an ordinary girl so its impossible haha...but a girl can dream right?

i found alot of other sites but some of those sites are boring haha...i really miss my grandmother and my cousin names "Hyacinth" ^^ shes really sweet and shes also cute ^^ very cute ^^...

but our differences is that she loves dogs while i love cats but it wasn't any problem..^^ my cats and my cousins dogs get along together (no seriously...they get along her dog shares her water to my cats its really weird!^^)

some people were asking me  on other sites if i can give them pictures of me but i dont want to because my dad will kill me...haha and they are so annoying so i left that account...(sorry acount)

^^ well its for best..

hey i have only one follower can i ask a favor from you? (please!!!!!!!)

can you please invite people to view my blog! thanks and its ok if you dont want to its really hard right to ask someone to view other blogs that doesn't interest them..but please try to ask them i would really appreciate it! thank you for following though! ^^

bye everyone! oh and also merry hannukkah! (hannukkah=christmas) and a happy new year!!^^


Friday, October 16, 2009


♥hi everyone! very sorry for not writing in here its been very busy since im here in my home town...or place (kind of )m (^^')♥
to tell you what one day when i was swimming in our homes swimming pool...i saw eyes in the bush and another one on the other bush...its been very creepy (because i was wearing two piece) then two muscular guys went to the pool and went to the bushes and then they grabbed the bush and found two boys (they were pretty cute) with photographs...then my father came out he said "go inside, mae....go inside..."
i went inside asked my father why and he said because there paparazzi's.. "its too public next time ask me first then you go to the pool so i can activate the shield that reflects and make everyone see that no ones using the pool but im really there....
it was really cool...but very sad...everytime after school ill see alot of boys there giving me flowers or putting it in my locker..its very weird..but for all that they will only get me an ordinary girl in korea...
well thats all have to run!! see you guys later!♥♥♥


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Starter Blog!♥☻ very complicated...^^ i dont know what to post ^^


{first time-to make a blog!♥}

Hi!♥ Everyone! My Name is Sun Mae Jin park, and this is my new and first BLOG!!!!!!♥♥♥
I just want to tell all of you that is reading this a happy day/time...^^♥
there's really nothing here to see or to read much its just my new and trip bloggy, {erm}{um}, thing...☻
I'm really happy today because first of all, me and my movie crew just finished our movie! and its a BIG HIT!!!!♥ IN KOREA!!!!{South Korea}
Very sorry the Title is very complicated even "I" don't remember whats the spelling, (☻_☻")..☺
Also, I'm not in Korea today, I'm in the Philippines because I'm taking a vacation...♥♥
I don't really like taking much photos and letting anyone take photos of me, that's why i only have few photos with me...(^^')
soon ill post new pictures if i get the chance...^^♥
Oh! and this is the only picture I have that is, um...more likely I look good on..(^-^')
thats all for now i guess (-'u'-)♥♥♥♥
See you next Week!!!!♥♥☻