Friday, October 16, 2009


♥hi everyone! very sorry for not writing in here its been very busy since im here in my home town...or place (kind of )m (^^')♥
to tell you what one day when i was swimming in our homes swimming pool...i saw eyes in the bush and another one on the other bush...its been very creepy (because i was wearing two piece) then two muscular guys went to the pool and went to the bushes and then they grabbed the bush and found two boys (they were pretty cute) with photographs...then my father came out he said "go inside, mae....go inside..."
i went inside asked my father why and he said because there paparazzi's.. "its too public next time ask me first then you go to the pool so i can activate the shield that reflects and make everyone see that no ones using the pool but im really there....
it was really cool...but very sad...everytime after school ill see alot of boys there giving me flowers or putting it in my locker..its very weird..but for all that they will only get me an ordinary girl in korea...
well thats all have to run!! see you guys later!♥♥♥


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